1, The Contract:

All enquiries are dealt with and processed by “The Place” Edinburgh by completion of a “Contract”, a copy of which will be forwarded to the Client(s) upon confirmation of booking. This “Contract” should be signed and returned to The Place within 7 working days of receipt. The “Contract” should also give approximate details of the number of people to be attending the Conference/Function upon signing the said “Contract” which must be confirmed no later than 7 days before the Conference/Function.

2, Payment:

All payments are due within 7 days of the date of Invoice; The invoice will reflect the total amount payable to “The Place” Edinburgh, including any surcharges incurred outside the original estimate, given on the original contract. Failure to meet the payment deadline will result in interest charged at 4% above the Royal Bank of Scotland lending base rate. Any queries regarding the invoice need to be directed to The Place Hotel Edinburgh Accounts Department with 5 days of the date of invoice. The Place Hotel Edinburgh reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities from the client(s) without explanation.

3, Variations:

It is the client(s) obligation to inform The Place Hotel Edinburgh of any increase or decrease in numbers no less than 5 days before the event. If in the case of an increase this will be determined by The Place Hotel Edinburgh as to Health & Safety and Fire Regulations. In the event of a decrease in numbers The Place Hotel Edinburgh reserve the right to make the full charge agreed at the time of signing the “Contract”.

4, Client(s) use of the Hotel Facilities:

The Place Hotel Edinburgh has statutory obligations regarding Liquor Licensing, Fire Regulations and Health & Safety for all Guests and Employees. It is therefore the obligation of all Client(s) and their guests to comply with these regulations, enforced by The Place Hotel Edinburgh employees. Clients and their guests will not act in a manner deemed inappropriate as to discredit the name of The Place Hotel Edinburgh, they shall also comply with the reasonable demands of The Place Hotel staff at all times. Only consumables’ supplied by The Place Hotel Edinburgh or its authorised agents shall be available at any Conference/Function, unless authorised at the time of “Contract” signing.

5, Cancellation of Conferences/Functions:

The Conference/Function may be cancelled by The Place Hotel Edinburgh should any of the following circumstances occur:

  1. a) The hotel, function suites or any part of it, is closed due to circumstances beyond the control of The Place Hotel Edinburgh.
    b) Insolvency of the Client(s).
    c) Where accounts for past Conferences/Functions are in arrears for more than 28 days
    d) Any other circumstances which in the sole opinion of The Place Hotel Edinburgh would lead to the reputation of The Place Hotel Edinburgh being damaged or damage caused to hotel property

As a result of any of the above consequences occurring, The Place Hotel Edinburgh will refund any advance payments made, subject to any costs involved and absolves itself from any further liability. The “Contract” may be cancelled by the client(s) no less than 20 weeks prior to Conference/Function, if the clients fail to meet this deadline The Place Hotel Edinburgh reserves the right to charge the following cancellation charges:

  1. a) Less than 7 days in advance – 100% of the agreed “Contract” charges
    b) Between 5 weeks & 7 days in advance – 75% of the agreed “Contract” charges
    c) Between 10 weeks & 5 weeks in advance – 40% of the agreed “Contract” charges.
    In all instances cancellations must be made in writing and are effective from the date of receipt by The Place Hotel Edinburgh.

6, Access Times:

Conferences/Functions confirmed on a day rate basis are accepted on the basis that access to the room(s) is limited between 08:00 & 18:00 unless previously agreed by The Place Hotel Edinburgh and acknowledged in writing. Conferences/Functions booked for a series of evening sessions may be booked by prior written arrangements, if this is not booked at least 20 weeks in advance The Place Hotel Edinburgh may require the room(s) to be cleared following each session to fulfil any other “Contract”.

7, General:

The client(s) shall be liable for any losses or damages incurred by The Place Hotel Edinburgh or any of its guests.

The Place Hotel Edinburgh will take all reasonable steps to fulfil all obligations in respect to all Conferences/Functions, the client(s) and their guests. Where any of the details can not be met, The Place Hotel Edinburgh reserves the right to provide alternative services or products to an equal or greater standard at no additional cost to the client(s). Not including the above terms & conditions, The Place Hotel Edinburgh will not be liable for any failure to meet its obligations to the client(s) in the following circumstances:

  1. a) Industrial action
    b) Fire
    c) Flood
    d) Civil disturbances
    e) Natural causes (i.e. power failure due to storms)
    f) Failure of services due to technical reasons

All prices quoted are subject to an annual review carried out on 1st April, The Place Hotel Edinburgh reserves the right to change these prices with a period of no less than 7 days’ notice to the client(s), these rises will not in any way permit the client(s) to re-negotiate their “Contract”. This also includes any new Taxation or levy imposed by lawful authority, of which was unknown to The Place Hotel Edinburgh at the time of “Contact” signing.
For any Conference/Function that requires any form of entertainment it will be the sole responsibility of the client(s) to ensure that reasonable noise levels are adhered to.
The attention of all client(s) is drawn to the notices relating to the Innkeepers’ Liability Act & Licensing Laws where a bar is requested for any Conference/Function.

The Place Hotel has the right to use any photography taken of the event for marketing and display purposes unless the client provides a letter of written objection when returning the signed contract. Within photography where brand names, logos and people feature The Place will either edit these out or ask for approval before use.

The Place Hotel Edinburgh.